Cassiopeia Project

    Cassiopeia scarves are at the We Are Welecters store now.
    So we decided to post 5 interviews with our artists to let you know a little bit more about them. Please read the conversation with our beloved designer Vanesa Krongold:

    Where did you grow up?
    I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Where do you live/work at the moment and why?
    I live and work in Buenos Aires, same place I was born. The reason is because I hate it and love at the same time. I just can’t leave it, maybe some day I will go and live in another place, maybe it might be Miami or London.

    What is your main passion in life?
    Playing and speaking with strangers. Inventing, and transforming myself everyday into a new character. Travelling and taking pictures.

    What is your personal soundtrack at the moment?
    Kanye West - 99 problems

    What is your star sign?

    Why fashion?
    Still wondering… Maybe because I was supposed to love fashion when I was little… but as time goes by I find it more and more entertaining. I think I love my work beacuse it allows me to create my own world, from the shape to the texture. It is all about creating extreme beauty for me.

    What is you favourite fabric/material to work with?
    Artificial and plastic materials, such as polyester and PVC. I love how it feels, their smell … Polyester as I can print on it. :)

    Who is your style icon?
    Many! Women, men and children, randomly dressed people. I just came from Party City, this amazing costume design store in Miami, and found a nine years old fat girl, all dressed up with minnie clothes, eating a lollipop and holding a teddy bear. I photographed her behind a huge candy holder.
    She is my new muse.

    Whats your biggest inspiration at the moment except that little girl?
    Supermarkets, american consuming culture, stores illuminated with neon lights. Hip hop culture and candies, Japanese and Marie Antoinette.

    What is your favourite book?
    Maria Antoinette’s secret diary.

    What would you like to do in a future (in age 45 years or so)?
    I’m still trying to figure what I will do next week, but maybe at the age of 45! I would love to have my brand devoloped and also have a punk rock girls band. Oh! And have a beautiful husband and 3 children…

    Vanesa’s scarf to buy here

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